• Donating Digitally

    Donating Digitally

    Alms institutions are fast-tracking digital transformation amids the lack of the regulations on zakat.

  • Expanding Global Cargo Services

    Expanding Global Cargo Services

    Cargo shipping companies are on the race to boost their services amidst a slow international cargo business recovery.

  • Distribution of Alms Digitalization Takes Five More Years

    Distribution of Alms Digitalization Takes Five More Years

    The National Zakat Agency (Baznas) encourages digital transformation as a strategy to strengthen the performance of alms management. However, Baznas CEO Mohamad Arifin Purwakananta views that the digitalization that has been seriously developed since 2016 has not really been evenly distributed.

  • A More Realistic Reading
    Market Pulse

    A More Realistic Reading

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • The Fight for Survival

    The Fight for Survival

    The textile industry is hit by the pandemic. Big factories are stricken in debt, while the smaller ones are not getting orders.

  • Textile King’s Tangled Web of Debts

    Textile King’s Tangled Web of Debts

    Sritex is entangled in debts of up to Rp17 trillion. Its debt restructuring chaos has even reached legal courts.

  • Capturing Clean Energy

    Capturing Clean Energy

    The potential for developing new and renewable energy remains wide open. An ecosystem is required to optimize clean energy in the country.

  • A Hard Time Quitting the Debt Addiction
  • Pledge of Alliance

    Pledge of Alliance

    Gojek and Tokopedia are preparing for a merge, to create a new company to serve as a parent for the two Indonesian giant startups. There is pressure from investors who have been thirsty for profit.

  • Debt that Becomes a Drag on Growth
  • Competitor's Flight to Nasdaq

    Competitor's Flight to Nasdaq

    Grab is preparing a scenario to list in Nasdaq, aiming for a proceeds of Rp65 trillion to fund its ambition to become Southeast Asia’s number one super app.

  • A New Risk amidst Economic Recovery
  • Low Tourism, Slow Economy

    Low Tourism, Slow Economy

    Central tourism regions are having a hard time recovering after the pandemic struck. New problems emerged in other sectors of the economy.

  • The Dream of Cinema’s Recovery

    The Dream of Cinema’s Recovery

    National film business is still reeling from the impact wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. The government is campaigning for moviegoers to return to cinemas to help the industry recover.

  • Back to Live

    Back to Live

    The government and event organizers are preparing to bring back live music performances in times of a pandemic. It has been a long and winding road towards the revival of tourism.

  • Budget Discipline under Threat
  • The Megaproject Contractor’s Burden

    The Megaproject Contractor’s Burden

    The Balongan refinery exploded when the refurbishment project had just started. It became a new problem for Pertamina amidst other difficulties in running the refinery mega project.

  • The Smell of Gasoline across the Refinery

    The Smell of Gasoline across the Refinery

    Leakage of the T-301G tank is believed to be the cause of a big fire at the Balongan refinery. The management ignored community reports on strong gasoline smell prior to the fire. Losses are estimated in the trillions of rupiah.

  • An Important Lesson from Turkey
    Market Pulse

    An Important Lesson from Turkey

    The lesson from Turkey is clear. Central bank’s independence is the anchor of market confidence. If Indonesia does not want to share the same fate as Turkey and lose its credibility, the government needs to immediately figure out, one way or another, how to reduce its budget deficit.

  • Fueled by Pipe Purchase

    Fueled by Pipe Purchase

    The government overhauled the directors of a Pertamina subsidiary. The decision came after a procurement of refinery project's goods, which was considered not meeting the domestic component requirements.

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