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  • Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    The Attorney General's Office still has not named any new suspect in the Asuransi Jiwasraya investment funds scandal. For quite a while now, the Financial Services Authority has detected foul play in Jiwasraya's asset placement, but no firm action was ever taken.

  • Army Gas Station Conflict

    Army Gas Station Conflict

    The Military Cooperatives and the Pasuruan Combat Battalion is in conflict with a businessman over management of a public gas station . The Indonesian Military (TNI) apparently continues to conduct business practices until today.

  • I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    Retired Police Commissioner General Gories Mere explained the extent of his involvement on a case of land corruption in Torro Lemma Batu Kallo, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, which is suspected of resulting in Rp3 trillion in state losses. He said that he cancelled the entire transaction in early 2018.

  • A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    The East Nusa Tenggara Prosecutor's Office is looking into suspected corruption involving government-owned land in Labuan Bajo worth Rp3 trillion. Retired Police Commissioner Gen. Gregorius Mere and senior journalist Karni Ilyas are mentioned in connection with this case.

  • Bring On the Charges

    Bring On the Charges

    Former Pelabuhan Indonesia II chief executive officer Richard Joost Lino asked investigators at the Corruption Eradication Commission and Attorney General’s Office to complete work on the investigations being conducted on him. Lino’s wife and children have turned over their bank records to the AGO.

  • Two Cases, One Suspect

    Two Cases, One Suspect

    The Attorney General’s Office is investigating a new case against former Pelindo II CEO Richard Joost Lino. His old case in the Corruption Eradication Commission remains unresolved.

  • Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Cristian Jaya Kusuma is suspected of operating a drug trade ring in Central Java and surrounding areas from behind bars. He often involved law enforcement officers.

  • Dirty Narcotics Officers

    Dirty Narcotics Officers

    Officers from the National Narcotics Agency are accused of stealing money belonging to a suspect in a narcotics case. There appears to have been an effort to engineer their confiscation.

  • The Generals at Trunojoyo

    The Generals at Trunojoyo

    Different camps within the Police marred the selection of the next National Police chief. Commissioner Gen. Listyo Sigit needs to prove that he is not chosen only because of his closeness to President Joko Widodo.

  • Jokowi's Adjutant for the Top Cop Spot

    Jokowi's Adjutant for the Top Cop Spot

    President Joko Widodo named Comr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the sole candidate for National Police chief. Their closeness is considered as being a determining factor.

  • SIM Swap Scam

    SIM Swap Scam

    Cases of illegal SIM card swaps ending in bank account theft have increased in the past year. Allegedly bank employees are involved.

  • FPI’s Fruit Codes for Firearms

    FPI’s Fruit Codes for Firearms

    The National Commission on Human Rights and the police have differing versions regarding how the six bodyguards of Rizieq Shihab died. The National Police Criminal Investigation Department encountered difficulties in investigating officers involved

  • We Did Not Coerce Witnesses

    We Did Not Coerce Witnesses

    The police are persistent in their statement that they found firearms in the possession of the six members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) who died in a clash with the police. Reconstruction was enacted in four different crime scenes.

  • The Fall Out

    The Fall Out

    The police are investigating suspected corruption of the 2017 budget for the Indonesian Gold Program for badminton athletes. World champion Taufik Hidayat had played a role.

  • Two Investigations, No Breaks

    Two Investigations, No Breaks

    The Attorney General’s Office has not named any suspects involving the corruption of grant funds from the youth affairs and sports ministry, which has been under investigation since 2018. The Corruption Eradication Commission is ready to look into a bribery effort intended to stop the investigation into the case.

  • whistleblower under pressure

    whistleblower under pressure

    A student of the Semarang State University is accused of being supporters of the Free Papua Organization after he went to the Corruption Eradication Commission reporting an alleged corruption by the rector. He and his friends receive repeated pressure from the campus.

  • Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency, Sofyan Djalil: Some Officials Are Careless

    Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency, Sofyan Djalil: Some Officials Are Careless

    The central government decided to get involved in a dispute over 7.7 hectares of land in Cakung, East Jakarta.

  • land dispute in cakung

    land dispute in cakung

    The National Land Agency punished some of its officials for issuing a certificate for some disputed plots of land. The claim to the land harnessed the negligence of some law enforcers and government officials.

  • Illegal Animals Trade in Aceh

    Illegal Animals Trade in Aceh

    Aceh becomes a red zone for wildlife trading. Hong Kong and China are its biggest markets.

  • General Napoleon’s Plastic Bag

    General Napoleon’s Plastic Bag

    A share of money for a high-ranking police officer was mentioned during the trial of the case of Joko Soegiarto Tjandra’s red notice status. That officer’s identity remains unknown.

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