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PNM Holds a Training and Gives the NIB to PNM Customers in NTT

Monday, September 5, 2022

The training and provision of NIB is one of the supports for MSMEs in advancing the people's economy. #Infotempo

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The Handover of Business Identification Numbers (NIB) for 500 PNM customers at the El Tari Building, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.. tempo : 172091979365.

In collaboration with PLUT-KUMKM of NTT Province, recently PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) held a training and handed over Business Identification Numbers (NIB) to 500 PNM customers at the El Tari Building, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

According to the President Director of PNM, Arief Mulyadi, the activity entitled "Targeted Small Business Course for Female Entrepreneurs: Mama Saves, Family Gets Prosperous, Mama Gets NIB, Business Gets Greater" is one of PNM's efforts to help MSME actors in advancing the people's economy.

Training and provision of NIB is one of the three capitals provided by PNM to MSMEs. The three capitals in question are financial, intellectual, and social capital. Arief explained that financial capital is provided through productive business financing. Meanwhile, the intellectual capital is given through mentoring, such as training and sharing information and experiences.

"In the meantime, social capital is given by providing facilities to build relationships between customers to form a collective business network and accelerate customer business growth," said Arief.

In this activity, all customers who was present at the event can immediately have a BRI saving book and the NIB. During the training, the shared material is around the benefits of saving and tips or ways so that customers can save money, as well as to open and obtain a saving book.

Until September 6, 2022, PNM has disbursed financing of Rp139.2 trillion to PNM Mekaar customers, totaling 12.5 million customers. Currently, PNM has 3,500 PNM Mekaar service offices and 624 PNM ULaMM service offices throughout Indonesia serving MSMEs in 34 provinces, 443 regencies/cities, and 5,640 districts.

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