• Another Corruption During Pandemic

    Another Corruption During Pandemic

    Embezzlement of national economic recovery assistance funds continues. The ramshackle budgeting system provides opportunities for corruption.

  • Pandemic Relief Corruption

    Pandemic Relief Corruption

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating an alleged bribery in the regional PEN funds. The case involves an official from the home affairs ministry, whose name also popped up in the special allocation fund bribery.

  • Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual violence on campus, in pondok pesantren (Islamic boarding school) and corruption prevention in educational institutions.



  • Foul Odor in the Air

    Foul Odor in the Air

    There are irregularities in the process of procuring self-isolation accommodation at the ministry of law and human rights. There is significant evidence of misuse of Covid-19 pandemic funds.

  • Snagged by Sarong

    Snagged by Sarong

    Three Banten provincial administration officers stand accused of corruption in grant distribution to around 3,000 Islamic boarding schools. The prosecutor leaves out Banten Governor Wahidin Halim.

  • Corruption and the Youth Pledge
  • The Law of No Law

    The Law of No Law

    The DPR legislative body has once again held up the bill for forfeiture of assets acquired through criminal acts. This law is sorely needed to recover assets the state has lost through corruption and other economic crimes.

  • The Prodigal Son Denied
    Cover Story

    The Prodigal Son Denied

    Agro Industri Nasional or Agrinas denies being the implementer of the defense ministry’s food estate project. But the company’s proposal submitted to South Korea exposes its roles in the project.

  • Another Bad Smell of Corruption from Social Assistance Program

    Another Bad Smell of Corruption from Social Assistance Program

    It is believed that the budget for the distribution of rice from the social affairs ministry through a state-owned enterprise has been manipulated. There have been many irregularities since a partner company was appointed.

  • Covid in Classrooms
    News Capsule

    Covid in Classrooms

    As many as 13,000 students are infected with Covid-19 after attending face-to-face learning at a number of schools.

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