• Another Corruption During Pandemic

    Another Corruption During Pandemic

    Embezzlement of national economic recovery assistance funds continues. The ramshackle budgeting system provides opportunities for corruption.

  • Pandemic Relief Corruption

    Pandemic Relief Corruption

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating an alleged bribery in the regional PEN funds. The case involves an official from the home affairs ministry, whose name also popped up in the special allocation fund bribery.

  • Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

    Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

    National economic recovery fund allocation for the film industry is late in disbursement and is now under threat of remaining unabsorbed. Evidence of failure by the tourism and creative economy ministry in providing support for creative industries.

  • Instant Relief Fund

    Instant Relief Fund

    Ahead of the year-end, the government rolls out an aid program for the film industry using the national economic recovery (PEN) fund. The discourse sparks pros and cons.

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