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Edition 16 August 2018


  • Sarengat’s Legacy

    Sarengat’s Legacy

    ALL eyes in Asia are looking at the Asian Games XVIII commencing in Jakarta and Palembang.

  • Elections without Rancour

    Elections without Rancour

    The noxious antagonism too apparent in the 2014 presidential election should not be repeated. Both pairs of candidates would do better contesting each other with their intended program.

  • Indecent Social Network

    Indecent Social Network

    Irwandi Yusuf is suspected of having camouflaged his corruption using a multi-tiered network. It is high time the awarding of special autonomy funds for Aceh be reviewed.

  • Blessings in Chinese Car

    Blessings in Chinese Car

    Increased sales of Chinese cars have sparked up opportunities for our automotive industry. We need to reform the workforce and tax regulations.

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