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Edition 09 October 2018


  • A Stuttering Emergency Response

    A Stuttering Emergency Response

    Disaster relief efforts are facing numerous problems in Central Sulawesi, from poor inter-agency coordination to looting. The regional government is only able to carry out sporadic efforts.

  • Palu Disaster Hitting Jakarta

    Palu Disaster Hitting Jakarta

    The government is troubled by hoax and disinformation circulating during the emergency response period.

  • The Fault is to Blame

    The Fault is to Blame

    An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 which occurred on Friday two weeks ago has brought massive devastation to the west coast of Central Sulawesi. The tsunami which followed in its wake swept across Donggala and Palu Bay. The quake caused soil liquefaction, resulting in six villages in the City of Palu and the Sigi Regency being subjected to a flow of liquefied earth.

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