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Edition 16 October 2018


  • Dismal Running Mates

    Dismal Running Mates

    These are the consequences of the pragmatism from Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto in choosing their running mates.

  • Worsening Crisis

    Worsening Crisis

    The cancellation of the increase in the price of Premium gasoline could lead to a further widening of the current account deficit. Pertamina is shouldering increasingly heavy burden.

  • A Step Backward

    A Step Backward

    Revision of the government’s regulation for reporting corruption has many holes. There is no anonymity or guarantee of safety for people making reports.

  • Why We Need IndonesiaLeaks

    Why We Need IndonesiaLeaks

    The encryption technology on the IndonesiaLeaks.id website could encourage people to expose corruption cases. It is strengthening collaboration between media.

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