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Edition 31 December 2018

Cover Story

  • The Heroes of Three Catastrophes

    The Heroes of Three Catastrophes

    Personsof The Year 2018

  • A Hands-On Security Guard

    Rampant lootings broke out in Banten following the devastating tsunami.

  • The Chief’s Earthquake Warnings

    The Chief’s Earthquake Warnings

    A hamlet chief cautioned residents against sleeping inside.

  • Risking His Life

    Risking His Life

    Armed with only courage, he rescued survivors buried under the ruins of earthquake and liquefaction. Dozens were mobilized to join the rescue effort.

  • Thousands of Meals for Evacuees

    Thousands of Meals for Evacuees

    When an earthquake struck and ravaged Palu at the end of September, Shirley Showindra managed to survive.

  • Battling with Mud

    Battling with Mud

    He rescued a boy and dozens of others who were dragged in the liquefaction mud.

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