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Edition 22 January 2019


  • A Mere Chitchat

    A Mere Chitchat

    THE presidential debate last week participated by the two candidates showed up the two as holding no substantial capital on the issues debated.

  • Show Us Your Wallet

    Show Us Your Wallet

    Most of the members of the House of Representatives have not reported their wealth to the Corruption Eradication Commission. The system needs to be amended.

  • Unnecessary Threat

    Unnecessary Threat

    Supplies of the antiretroviral drug have fallen dangerously low due to a failure to conduct a tender. The lives of people with HIV positive are under threat.

  • Airfare Anomaly

    Airfare Anomaly

    Suspicion of a cartel at work in the airline industry has resurfaced. The Business Competition Supervisory Commission needs to investigate.

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