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Edition 04 June 2019

Cover Story

  • A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot

    A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot

    Members of the military and a retired general are believed to have been involved in delivering weapons and ammunition for the May 22 “protest.” With the intention of producing martyrs, a certain group prepared weapons and snipers. The commander of the Army’s Special Forces made an announcement in response to the riots.

  • Post-Election Riots

    Post-Election Riots

    AFTER the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced the winning pair in the presidential election on Tuesday, May 21, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s supporters mobilized the masses, calling the effort a show of ‘people power’. Tuesday noon’s peaceful demonstrations turned violent at night, continuing until the next day. Fires broke out at several areas in the capital city.

  • Ammo on an Ambulance

    Ammo on an Ambulance

    The police suspect a group of people were paid to turn the May 22 protest into rioting. Some were sent from outside Jakarta.

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