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Edition 13 August 2019


  • Police Stars at the Commission

    Police Stars at the Commission

    SIX police generals passed several stages of the selection process for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) new leadership. After they were declared passing the psychological review stage on Monday, August 5, they underwent a profile assessment three days later. Of the 40 candidates which passed, the largest share hails from the national police. Some of those one and two-star generals have had some ‘negative’ track records. One has never submitted a report of their personal wealth to the KPK.

  • Generals to Lead the KPK

    Generals to Lead the KPK

    The police force dominate the candidates up for selection to become leaders of the KPK. There is a plan to make two police officers KPK commissioners.

  • Airport Projects at Kasablanka

    Airport Projects at Kasablanka

    Two high-ranking officials at a state-owned enterprise are entangled in a bribery case involving the management of luggage at some airports. Both have been mentioned to have received funds from the electronic ID card project.

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