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Edition 13 August 2019


  • After the Blackout

    After the Blackout

    The darkness in Jakarta, West Java and part of Central Java that lasted for six hours on Sunday August 4 showed that the management of the electricity supply in this country needs to be reevaluated.

  • Preventing the Return of GBHN

    Preventing the Return of GBHN

    Politicians in the DPR are gearing up to revive the Comprehensive National Guidelines of State Policy, known by its acronym, GBHN. Democracy is under threat of a huge setback.

  • Angkasa Pura’s Turn

    Angkasa Pura’s Turn

    A corruption scandal has come to light in two state owned enterprises. SOEs must stay away from political interests.

  • When Military Handles Terrorists

    When Military Handles Terrorists

    Military interference in combating terrorism could pose many problems. A potential setback in military reform.

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