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Edition 09 July 2019


  • Justice for The Victims

    Justice for The Victims

    Whomever fell as victim in the May 22, riots—the mischief-mongers as well as the picketers—all deserve to obtain justice.

  • Irregular Suspect

    Irregular Suspect

    The police have detained former PLN boss Nur Pamudji in a case of alleged corruption involving industrial diesel. There are many irregularities.

  • Cleaning Up the Prosecutors

    Cleaning Up the Prosecutors

    President Jokowi should not sacrifice the position of attorney general on the altar of party politics. This damages professionalism.

  • Save Our Pangolins

    Save Our Pangolins

    Pangolins are threatened with extinction due to rampant smuggling into China. Cross-border cooperation becomes a necessity.

  • Erotica


    The bare-chested man—Lempad, of course—is standing in front of his house.

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