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Edition 27 August 2019


  • Jokowi’s New Cabinet

    Jokowi’s New Cabinet

    THE composition of the forthcoming cabinet is a gamble for president Joko Widodo. As the driving force for the realization of the elected president’s promises, the performance of the cabinet will determine how Jokowi is remembered in the future: as a successful leader, merely average or even a failure.

  • Back to the Roots

    Back to the Roots

    The political disturbances in Papua must be dealt with quickly but cautiously. The resolution of the conflict must target its roots.

  • Fixing Loopholes

    Fixing Loopholes

    A tender process for the supply of motor vehicles to the National Police Traffic Division ended in court. The funding system for the police must be reformed.

  • After Losing to Brazil

    After Losing to Brazil

    The WTO has told Indonesia to accept poultry products from Brazil. Consistency in policies is needed.

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