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Edition 17 September 2019

  • KPK’s Battle for Life
    Cover Story

    KPK’s Battle for Life

    The DPR selects Insp. Gen. Firli Bahuri, a controversial candidate, to lead the KPK. At the same time, President Joko Widodo approves the KPK law revision. A KPK leader has resigned and two others surrender responsibility to the President.

  • A Controversial Police General
    Cover Story

    A Controversial Police General

    Despite being a controversial candidate, Insp. Gen. Firli was selected to lead the KPK with the full support of the DPR law commission. Firli is known to be close to party officials.

  • The Palace Calls Off Correcting List of Candidates
    Cover Story

    The Palace Calls Off Correcting List of Candidates

    President Joko Widodo canceled his plan to ask for public input on the 10 candidates for KPK leadership because the selection committee made the public announcement in a hurry. Jokowi was aware of the controversy surrounding Firli’s candidacy.

  • The KPK is in My Heart
    Cover Story

    The KPK is in My Heart

    Insp. Gen. Firli Bahuri

  • I Want the KPK To Be Stronger
  • Exposing Petral Scandal

    Exposing Petral Scandal

    The Corruption Eradication Commission named former Petral boss Bambang Irianto a suspect in a bribery case involving the procurement of crude oil. It is just the beginning.

  • A Final Push to Leave a Legacy

    A Final Push to Leave a Legacy

    Despite still contains some controversial articles, deliberations on the Criminal Code Bill are continuing at rapid pace. If passed, it could eliminate some unique features of the Corruption Law.

  • The Expanding Forest and Bush Fires

    The Expanding Forest and Bush Fires

    FOREST and bush fires prevailed in Sumatra, Kalimantan and several other regions throughout last week. Smoke pollution has posed health hazards and upset public activities, ranging from land and air travel to school classes.

  • Miners’ Winding Road

    Miners’ Winding Road

    The acceleration of nickel export ban is met with strong rejection. Miners complain to parliament and the State Intelligence Agency.

  • Tanoto Forest in the Capital

    Tanoto Forest in the Capital

    Industrial plantation forest concession owned by Sukanto Tanoto’s company will become the center of Indonesia’s planned new capital in Kalimantan. The government is preparing a range of compensations.

  • Economy


    Sugarcoating Palm Oil

    India agreed to synchronize tariffs for processed palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia. This is expected to boost Indonesia’s exports.


  • Outreach

    Re-Greening Former Gold Mine

    Re-Greening Former Gold Mine

    Several bamboo varieties are used to revive a plot of land in critical condition, formerly the site of illegal goldmining, in Dharmasraya, West Sumatra. Besides being good for re-greening, bamboo absorbs mercury.

  • Interview

    Law Revision Clearly Weakens  the KPK

    Law Revision Clearly Weakens the KPK

    Corruption Eradication Commission Chairman Agus Rahardjo:

  • In Memoriam

    The Serendipity of B.J. Habibie

    The Serendipity of B.J. Habibie

    B.J. Habibie (1936-2019), a humanist who laid the foundation of Indonesian democracy and taught the nation about the importance of having high goals.

  • Letters

    Agriculture Ministry’s Objection

    TO the news in Tempo magazine of the September 10-16, 2019 edition in the form of investigation coverage titled Agriculture Minister’s Sugar Rush, which comprises the articles A Bittersweet Family Connection and Two Andis One Helicopter, the Ministry of Agriculture herewith conveys an objection.



    Picture Window

    Caught in the Middle

    An aerial photo of Cijolang State Elemtary School which is squeezed within the developments of the Cisumdawu toll road project in Tanjungsari, Sumedang Regency, West Java, Tuesday, September 10. School activities still take place as usual until now because the school management has not recevied building replacement from the government. ANTARA /Raisan Al Farisi


  • KPK


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurachman

  • Resist Together

    Resist Together

    There is no other recourse: all elements of civil society need to move together to stand for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

  • Cornering the Mafia

    Cornering the Mafia

    The anti-corruption commission has named a key figure suspect for manipulating oil tender process. This is an endeavor to battle the oil-and-gas mafia.

  • Separating Badminton from Tobacco

    Separating Badminton from Tobacco

    Badminton auditions organized by tobacco producer triggered nationwide controversy. The government has to enforce the law.

  • A Good Ban

    A Good Ban

    The processing of nickel ore domestically brings more economic benefits. It could also reduce the current account deficit.

  • Sidelines

    On August 15, 1876, the French poet Arthur Rimbaud disappeared between Semarang and Salatiga in Central Java.

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