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Edition 23 September 2019

  • A Rerun of the Forest Fires
    Cover Story

    A Rerun of the Forest Fires

    Forest fires ravage Indonesia’s regions yet again. The environment and forestry ministry has sealed the properties of 52 companies affected by the fires, some of which were implicated in the major forest fires in 2015. The fires are partly due to wanting peatland restoration efforts. Although warned about the potential for fires since February, the government was late in anticipating the disaster.

  • Surrounded by Fire
    Cover Story

    Surrounded by Fire

    Forest and land areas by the hundreds of thousands of hectares in Sumatra and Kalimantan have been consumed by fire.

  • Summoning the Rain to Fight Fire
    Cover Story

    Summoning the Rain to Fight Fire

    Both land clearing by burning and the dryness caused by a prolonged drought, are triggering wildfire that has proven difficult to quell. Artificial rain is a way to placate the haze and fire.

  • The Search for an Oasis Amid Smog
    Cover Story

    The Search for an Oasis Amid Smog

    Thousands living in the haze of forest fires are suffering from chronic respiratory tract infection. Infants and children are the most vulnerable.

  • Detecting Fires with Hotspots
    Cover Story

    Detecting Fires with Hotspots

    The detection of forest fires still relies on satellite imagery of hotspots. Drones may help.

  • Fire Fighting
    Cover Story

    Fire Fighting

    Massive fires destroy peatlands in Sumatra and Kalimantan, producing thick haze that disrupts residents’ activities. Mitigation efforts are carried out by fire fighting teams from several agencies. Here are some of their stories.

  • A Coalition to Weaken the Commission

    A Coalition to Weaken the Commission

    The government and the DPR moved quickly to revise the KPK Law. President Jokowi is said he has approved it for a long time.

  • The Corruption Prevention Commission

    The Corruption Prevention Commission

    The Law on the Corruption Eradication Commission has given the anti-graft agency a new face. Its board of commissioners is seemingly placed under a newly-created board of supervisors selected by the president.

  • Clothing Industry’s Off Season

    Clothing Industry’s Off Season

    The influx of imported textiles puts the local industry in a frenzy. Business actors suspect misappropriation of import incentives.

  • The Looms’  Silent Hum

    The Looms’ Silent Hum

    Textile and garment factories cut production, unable to compete with foreign products. Some companies have gone out of business.

  • Market Pulse

    Market Pulse

    Unpredictable Premonition

    Be wary of this signal. All of sudden, the short term debt market in Wall Street experienced a great volatility. The repo rate, the interest rate for overnight loans between banks and financial institutions, saw repeated sharp jumps, even reaching five times its normal rate. This situation merits further attention as an early premonition for a deep financial crisis.


  • Law

    The Uphill Battle on Land Regulations

    The Uphill Battle on Land Regulations

    Some feel that the pending Land Bill mainly benefits large business owners. During deliberations of the bill, the KPK detected some entrepreneurs planned to bribe administration officials and DPR members.

  • Law

    Fresh Air for Entrepreneurs

    Fresh Air for Entrepreneurs

    Nobody should be surprised when apartments in Jakarta and major cities in the country are later packed by foreigners.

  • Law

    The Minister’s Bribery Disposition

    The Minister’s Bribery Disposition

    Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi is a suspect for accepting bribes related to a National Sports Committee grant. Aside from accepting bribes, he is also suspected of actively seeking kickbacks.

  • Interlude

    Amarzan, Sokotra is Who Knows Where

    THE life and times of Amarzan Loebis was much like a long, winding road. From Tanjungbalai, Asahan, North Sumatra, he landed in Jakarta with an aim to continue his studies. But Amarzan, at the time just 23 and already known as a poet under the moniker Amarzan Ismail Hamid, was drawn to being reporter for the daily, Harian Rakyat Minggu, instead. At the newspaper, which happened to be affiliated with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), Amarzan edited the culture page. When the PKI established the People’s Culture Institute, better known as Lekra, Amarzan was one of a long line of artists who lent their support to the initiative. This involvement ended up with the New Order regime detaining him and finally throwing him to Buru Island after the political melee of 1965, without a trial. In 1979, after being released and returning to Jakarta, he began working for Tempo. After a year or so struggling with his stroke, the poet breathed his last on September 2 at the age of 78 years.



    Picture Window

    Back To School

    Students stand in front of the tent that serves as their temporary school of State Elementary 1 Jono Oge, Sigi, Central Sulawesi, Tuesday, September 9. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in cooperation with Germany government, is rebuilding school buildings which were destroyed by earthquake and tsunami. ANTARA/Basri Marzuki


  • Nazir Foead, Head of Peatland Restoration Agency:  90 Percent of the Fires Was Intentional

    Nazir Foead, Head of Peatland Restoration Agency: 90 Percent of the Fires Was Intentional

    After seeing a decline in severe incidents of forest and land clearing fires in the past three years, parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan are once again smothered by toxic smoke. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has chalked the thick smoke up to the near lack of rain and the massive expanse of peatland being on fire.

  • Wahyu Muryadi Counters Complaint

    Wahyu Muryadi Counters Complaint

    IN a complaint letter by the Agriculture Ministry published in Tempo’s September 16-22, 2019, edition, it says that I initiated and facilitated – including providing helicopters - the inaugural construction of sugar factory PT Pratama Nusantara Sakti (PNS) in the Ogan Komering Ilir sub-regency in South Sumatra on May 22, 2017.

  • *So you’re the entrepreneur who burned the forests to make oil palm plantations, right? You must confess!!!
  • The Culprit of Forest Fire

    The Culprit of Forest Fire

    If President Joko Widodo and his aides had been prepared to abide by the March 22, 2017, court ruling on the handling of fires in forests and land for agriculture, this year’s fires might have been prevented.

  • Back to Authoritarian Regime

    Back to Authoritarian Regime

    The DPR and government have passed a number of problematic laws. These are initial symptoms of deconsolidation of our democracy.

  • A Questionable Land Bill

    A Questionable Land Bill

    The Land Bill has many problems and opens opportunities for abuses. It must be totally revised.

  • Misguided Textile Policy

    Misguided Textile Policy

    The textile products sector is being squeezed by a flood of imported products. The result of mistaken regulation.

  • Sidelines

    IT turns out that Machivelli—famous for his theory about power—also wrote comedy.

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