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Edition 23 September 2019


  • The Culprit of Forest Fire

    The Culprit of Forest Fire

    If President Joko Widodo and his aides had been prepared to abide by the March 22, 2017, court ruling on the handling of fires in forests and land for agriculture, this year’s fires might have been prevented.

  • Back to Authoritarian Regime

    Back to Authoritarian Regime

    The DPR and government have passed a number of problematic laws. These are initial symptoms of deconsolidation of our democracy.

  • A Questionable Land Bill

    A Questionable Land Bill

    The Land Bill has many problems and opens opportunities for abuses. It must be totally revised.

  • Misguided Textile Policy

    Misguided Textile Policy

    The textile products sector is being squeezed by a flood of imported products. The result of mistaken regulation.

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