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Edition 01 October 2019

  • The Student Factor
    Cover Story

    The Student Factor

    The palace gathered a number of public figures to help temper the student movement triggered by the Corruption Eradication Commission law revision and the plan to legislate problematic bills. President Jokowi is considering issuing a government regulation in lieu of law, but the plan is met with resistance from pro-government parties.

  • Love and Tear Gas
    Cover Story

    Love and Tear Gas

    Student protesters rejected the agenda to oust President Jokowi. During demonstrations, they created a human barricade to protect against provocateurs.

  • Students in Action
    Cover Story

    Students in Action

    THE legislation of the revised KPK Law and the plan to legislate a number of problematic bills triggered a wave of student protests in various cities. After a demonstration on September 19 in front of the parliament building in Jakarta, students in other cities joined the protests in the days that followed.

  • The Riddle of the Infiltrator
    Cover Story

    The Riddle of the Infiltrator

    The police say the student protests were infiltrated. The Indonesian Military (TNI) was asked to secure the protests.

  • We are Considering a KPK Perpu
  • Senayan’s Seat in Pejompongan

    Senayan’s Seat in Pejompongan

    Political parties’ members dominate BPK’s new members. A number of parties reshuffled their members in the Financial Commission to pave ways for their candidates.

  • Almost Grounded

    Almost Grounded

    Carrier Sriwijaya Air may stay on the ground. All risk indicators and potential operational problems are on red alert.

  • Laden in Debts

    Laden in Debts

    Several companies are demanding a commitment from Sriwijaya Air regarding the latter’s debt payments. Garuda Indonesia Group will ask for cash payments for all service rendered.

  • A Foul Pre-Verdict Meeting

    A Foul Pre-Verdict Meeting

    A judge in the judicial panel which adjudicated the Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung case had broken the code of ethics and behavior, for meeting with the defendant’s lawyer before the verdict was passed. The KPK will use it for a judicial review.

  • We Were Just Having Coffee

    We Were Just Having Coffee

    Syamsul Rakan Chaniago

  • Law


    There Was No Special Meeting With Judge Syamsul

    Ahmad Yani, lawyer for Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung


  • Law

    Entangled in Audit Games

    Entangled in Audit Games

    BPK member Rizal Djalil was named as suspect in the public works ministry’s drinking water project corruption case. He allegedly manipulated audits and made certain arrangements in projects.

  • Interlude

    Amarzan, Sokotra is Who Knows Where

    Amarzan, Sokotra is Who Knows Where

    THE life and times of Amarzan Loebis was much like a long, winding road. From Tanjungbalai, Asahan, North Sumatra, he landed in Jakarta with an aim to continue his studies. But Amarzan, at the time just 23 and already known as a poet under the moniker Amarzan Ismail Hamid, was drawn to being reporter for the daily, Harian Rakyat Minggu, instead. At the newspaper, which happened to be affiliated with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), Amarzan edited the culture page.

  • Interview

    There Are Attempts to Downplay Students’ Action

    There Are Attempts to Downplay Students’ Action

    Asfinawati, Director, Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation:

  • Letters

    I Nyoman Dhamantra’s Objection

    Regarding the cover story of Tempo’s September 10-16, 2019 edition, pages 14-24, I herewith convey my objection because the article only based to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) information without mentioning resource persons, especially part of the report on page 17.



    Picture Window

    The Exodus

    Residents queuing to board an Indonesian Military (TNI) airplane at the Wamena Airport in Jayawijaya, Papua, Saturday, September 28. People are flocking the airport in an attempt to leave the city following riots that broke out on Monday, September 23, that killed 33 people and injured 76. ANTARA/Iwan Adisaputra


  • Buzzer Jokowi

    Buzzer Jokowi

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Rocked by Millennials

    Rocked by Millennials

    President Joko Widodo should realize that the ongoing demonstrations by high school and university students are not just a usual phenomenon.

  • Rein in the Buzzers

    Rein in the Buzzers

    Jokowi needs to control his buzzers, who are acting more and more recklessly. They have the potential to damage democracy.

  • Cleaning Up the Judges

    Cleaning Up the Judges

    One of the three judges that granted Syafruddin Temenggung’s appeal met with the suspect’s attorney. This is new evidence for a re-examination.

  • The Worrying State of State Auditors

    The Worrying State of State Auditors

    Politicians are increasingly dominating the leadership of the Supreme Audit Agency. There is an urgent need for a revision of the law.

  • Sidelines

    From inside his ceramic barrel, Diogenes viewed politics and people bleakly. He saw 4th century BCE Athens as place of greed and hypocrisy.

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