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Edition 01 October 2019


  • Rocked by Millennials

    Rocked by Millennials

    President Joko Widodo should realize that the ongoing demonstrations by high school and university students are not just a usual phenomenon.

  • Rein in the Buzzers

    Rein in the Buzzers

    Jokowi needs to control his buzzers, who are acting more and more recklessly. They have the potential to damage democracy.

  • Cleaning Up the Judges

    Cleaning Up the Judges

    One of the three judges that granted Syafruddin Temenggung’s appeal met with the suspect’s attorney. This is new evidence for a re-examination.

  • The Worrying State of State Auditors

    The Worrying State of State Auditors

    Politicians are increasingly dominating the leadership of the Supreme Audit Agency. There is an urgent need for a revision of the law.

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