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Edition 11 February 2020

  • Layers of the Garlic Corruption Scandal

    Layers of the Garlic Corruption Scandal

    The price of garlic skyrockets at the start every year, going over Rp50,000 per kilogram. Due to government’s requirement to plant garlic in the import quota system, garlic prices in the country are consistently high, even when prices in its exporting country, China, are under Rp10,000 per kilogram. With an annual profit of up to Rp8.4 trillion, garlic import regulations are creating illegal fees in the permit issuing process. As a result, prices continue to soar and the commodity is controlled by a number of companies with import quotas and the power to withhold or pour garlic into the market.

  • The Cirebon Connection

    The Cirebon Connection

    THE connection between Ifan Effendi and 2016-2019 Trade Minister, Enggartiasto Lukita, was discovered during a Corruption Eradication Corruption (KPK) search.

  • Horticulture Director-General Prihasto Setyanto:  Who Says It’s a Failure?

    Horticulture Director-General Prihasto Setyanto: Who Says It’s a Failure?

    THE government’s dream to reach garlic self-sufficiency in 2021 seems far-fetched. Importers have been required to plant garlic since 2017, but the program has not been able to overcome the annual garlic deficit of 500,000 tons.

  • Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    The plan to evacuate Indonesians out of Wuhan and vicinity happened uncertain. The government lobbied the Chinese authority for permission to enter.

  • Infected at Bukit Merah

    Infected at Bukit Merah

    An Indonesian worker has become the 21st victim of the coronavirus in Singapore. Indonesian workers are currently bearing the brunt of stigmatization because of the case.

  • Biking toward Ghost Town

    Biking toward Ghost Town

    Indonesians in China are taking every possible way to return to mother land. It is a journey of endless airport checks.

  • Running Out of Masks

    Running Out of Masks

    Dozens of Indonesian citizens are holding out in Hubei. Masks have become an urgent necessity.

  • Broadcasters Awaiting Migration

    Broadcasters Awaiting Migration

    Discussion over revision of the broadcast law is restarted from the beginning. The old scheme of migrating television from analog to digital is still hanging in the balance.

  • Former Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu:  Do Not Disturb A Sleeping Lion

    Former Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu: Do Not Disturb A Sleeping Lion

    Former Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu became the talk of the town after the South Sumatra provincial government announced a project to expand the Tanjung Api-api Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in early 2019.

  • At The End of the Sungsang Road

    At The End of the Sungsang Road

    A shift of the boundary line of the Air Telang protected forest in Banyuasin by 18.8 kilometers by the environment and forestry ministry is benefitting Ryamizard Ryacudu. The shift in the boundary happened while Ryamizard was defense minister.

  • Interview


    Albertina Ho, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Corruption Eradication Commission: There Are More Powers Scrutinzing Us

    Barely two months after its establishment, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) supervisory board already received a complaint against the commission leadership for alleged ethic violation.


  • Letters

    Correction on Number of Orang Utan

    Correction on Number of Orang Utan

    There was data inaccuracy in an opinion article titled Minister Siti’s Wrong Call on the partnership termination between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and WWF Indonesia Foundation on Tempo February 4-10, 2020 edition.

  • Opinion

    Recipe for Disaster

    Recipe for Disaster

    Findings by Tempo from its investigation into garlic imports prove that the commodities import quota system should not be continued.

  • Opinion

    Broadcasting Hostage

    Deliberations of revisions to the Broadcast Law, which will regulate the migration from analog to digital television have begun again. Return these frequencies to the state.



    Get a Grip

    An endangered Siamese crocodile—first seen in 2016 with a Vespa scooter tyre stuck on its body—emerging from a river in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Sunday, February 2. The provincial government has ended the contest that offered cash reward to anyone who can successfully remove the tyre without harming the croc. The local Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) has now formed a special team to free the croc from the rubber tyre./ANTARA/Mohamad Hamzah


  • Private Forest

    Private Forest

    Former minister of defense Ryamizard Ryacudu owns thousands of hectares of land located in a forest area in South Sumatra. He is suspected of breaking the law.

  • The Price for Secrecy

    The Price for Secrecy

    China’s coverup of the emergence of the new coronavirus variant has had a negative impact on the world. Do not give in to Chinese pressure.

  • Sidelines

    Three bullets fired into Gandhi’s emaciated body, at close range. The assassin was trying to change India’s history. He failed—or at least he failed at that moment. Because today we are wondering whether that long submerged hatred can ever change.

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