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Edition 11 February 2020


  • Recipe for Disaster

    Recipe for Disaster

    Findings by Tempo from its investigation into garlic imports prove that the commodities import quota system should not be continued.

  • Broadcasting Hostage

    Broadcasting Hostage

    Deliberations of revisions to the Broadcast Law, which will regulate the migration from analog to digital television have begun again. Return these frequencies to the state.

  • Private Forest

    Private Forest

    Former minister of defense Ryamizard Ryacudu owns thousands of hectares of land located in a forest area in South Sumatra. He is suspected of breaking the law.

  • The Price for Secrecy

    The Price for Secrecy

    China’s coverup of the emergence of the new coronavirus variant has had a negative impact on the world. Do not give in to Chinese pressure.

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