• Donations for the Mayor’s Foundation

    Donations for the Mayor’s Foundation

    Rahmat Effendi is suspected of involving his children as well as officials of the Bekasi City government to hold bribe money. The KPK will charge him with money laundering.

  • Pandemic Relief Corruption

    Pandemic Relief Corruption

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating an alleged bribery in the regional PEN funds. The case involves an official from the home affairs ministry, whose name also popped up in the special allocation fund bribery.

  • Leader of Maritime Patrols

    Leader of Maritime Patrols

    The government is ready to launch a draft regulation regarding maritime security. There is friction among government institutions to take care of the matter of Rp5.5 trillion a year in illegal retribution fees at sea.


  • The Cheerful Teen’s Last Videos

    The Cheerful Teen’s Last Videos

    A high school student in Blitar committed suicide in the classroom. Suicide cases among teens are on the rise.

  • A Clear Path for a Teacher

    A Clear Path for a Teacher

    A committee for selecting civil servants in Central Java did not accept Muhammad Baihaqi to become a mathematics teacher because he is visually impaired. It was a clear case of discrimination.

  • Evidence  Against a Cleric’s Son

    Evidence Against a Cleric’s Son

    An investigation into sexual violence allegedly committed by the founder of the Shiddiqiyyah Boarding School in Jombang is making no progress. The attorney office is facing impediments in their search for evidence.


  • Sexual Predator Posing as Religion Teacher

    Sexual Predator Posing as Religion Teacher

    Herry Wirawan is suspected of committing sexual violence and exploiting more than a dozen female students, some of whom have given birth. There are suspicions his family was involved.

  • Desolate Isolation

    Desolate Isolation

    The directorate-general of intellectual property turns the archive warehouse into a Covid-19 isolation house. The BPK notices price mark-ups.

  • Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Herman Hery and Ihsan Yunus, two PDI-P politicians, have long been mentioned in connection with the Covid-19 social aid corruption case. There is proof that he was at a Kelapa Gading warehouse.

  • Death by Illegal Miners

    Death by Illegal Miners

    A lawyer died after being attacked by illegal coal miners in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan. There are discrepancies between explanations from the police and statements from key witnesses.

  • The Trillions Debt Tug-of-War

    The Trillions Debt Tug-of-War

    The Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) Task Force is going after the assets of Hutomo Mandala Putra alias Tommy Suharto at home and abroad. He could be charged with corruption offenses.

  • Encircled by Digital Loan Sharks

    Encircled by Digital Loan Sharks

    Those running illegal online money lending businesses use applications and special equipment to entrap their customers. They receive funds from abroad and rake in trillions of rupiah.

  • Snagged by Sarong

    Snagged by Sarong

    Three Banten provincial administration officers stand accused of corruption in grant distribution to around 3,000 Islamic boarding schools. The prosecutor leaves out Banten Governor Wahidin Halim.

  • We Don’t Know Where the Victims Are

    We Don’t Know Where the Victims Are

    The South Sulawesi Regional Police assigns the Luwu Timur District Police to investigate the suspected sexual violence against three children. There is new evidence in the case.  

  • New Evidence, Old Examination

    New Evidence, Old Examination

    The police reopened the investigation into a suspected children molestation case possibly committed by their father in Luwu Timur, South Sulawesi. The police have not taken a legal perspective when handling that sexual violence case.

  • Child Case Investigations Must Be Kept Confidential

    Child Case Investigations Must Be Kept Confidential

    A commissioner at the Indonesian Child Protection Commission, Retno Listyarti, considers a serious violation was committed in the handling of a sexual violence case in Luwu Timur. Police ignore victims’ testimonies.

  • The Winding Path to the Police HQ

    The Winding Path to the Police HQ

    National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo plans to recruit anti-corruption fighters who failed their controversial civic knowledge test, but many regulations stand in the way.

  • Neglected Concessions

    Neglected Concessions

    The Sorong Regency government faces three lawsuits from oil palm companies whose licenses were revoked. Land concessions left in a state of neglect have been given to customary communities.

  • Rice Assistance Shenanigans

    Rice Assistance Shenanigans

    The KPK is looking into violations in the distribution of rice assistance at the ministry of social affairs. Some government officials purportedly interfered with the project.

  • Forty Percent Guilt

    Forty Percent Guilt

    KPK Deputy Chair Lili Pintauli Siregar is proven to have assisted Tanjungbalai Mayor Muhammad Syahrial in a position trading bribery case. The police refused to treat it as a criminal case.

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