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Raymundus Rikang

Raymundus Rikang joined Tempo in 2014 and is now the editor of Majalah Tempo.

He graduated from the University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta and is part of the writer’s team that won the 2020 Adinegoro Award.

Rikang participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) "Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists" from the U.S. Department of State.

  • Sukhoi Scandal Revisited

    Sukhoi Scandal Revisited

    Thousands of secret financial documents shed light on suspicious transactions involving government officials, businessmen, and banking authorities all over the globe. A number of Indonesian businessmen are mentioned in the #FinCENFiles—leaked data from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a United States financial intelligence bureau. The documents also mention suspicious activities surrounding the Indonesian government’s purchase of Sukhoi fighter jets in 2011-2013. This report was made possible through Tempo’s collaboration with the network of 110 media outlets from 88 countries, coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and BuzzFeed News.

  • Counterclaims in the Capital

    Counterclaims in the Capital

    Claiming unavailability of hospital beds and an increasing number of positive coronavirus cases, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan reinstated Large-Scale Social Restrictions. He is accused of not supporting the economy.

  • A Tragic End of Poor Procurement

    A Tragic End of Poor Procurement

    The procurement process for protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be riddled with issues. The health ministry’s chief of health crisis center, as the commitment-making official, appointed a company with no experience in manufacturing personal protective equipment or PPE. The move resulted in the scarcity of protective equipment, which may have caused health workers to be infected with Covid-19. This report was made possible through the collaboration between Tempo, Tempo Institute, and Free Press Unlimited.

  • The Online Mercenary Trolls

    The Online Mercenary Trolls

    The government is allocating billions of rupiah to pay influencers. Agencies are paid to manage them.

  • A Vampire Bat At The Foster Home

    A Vampire Bat At The Foster Home

    Some children at the Kencana Bejana Rohani Foster Home in Depok fell victim to sexual abuse suspectedly committed by a Catholic monk. Some victims and witnesses spoke to Tempo.

  • Committee Created After the Rage

    Committee Created After the Rage

    Dissatisfied with the performance of his ministers, President Jokowi established a new entity to deal with the effects of the Covid-19. Some doubt its effectiveness.

  • The Minister’s Smile on Aid Packages

    The Minister’s Smile on Aid Packages

    Erick Thohir’s name is being discussed as a potential presidential candidate. Several political parties are considering to nominate him for the 2024 election.

  • Mr. Najib at the Joker’s Office

    Mr. Najib at the Joker’s Office

    Joko Tjandra’s business is booming overseas. He enjoys close ties to Malaysia and Papua New Guinea’s political elite.

  • A Message from Malaysia

    A Message from Malaysia

    Joko Tjandra used his networks to lobby law enforcers in Indonesia. His networks include a coordinating minister and the Malaysian attorney general.

  • Death from the Market

    Death from the Market

    Positive Corona cases continue to be high in 16 provinces. Market places are among the disease centers.

  • Ghost Protocol Against Activists

    Ghost Protocol Against Activists

    Cyberattacks were launched against activists critical of government policies. Cyberterrorists are hacking WhatsApp and social media accounts, not to mention stealing and circulating personal data. It is likely that the hackers hijacked messages containing one-time-passwords sent by WhatsApp. Tempo investigates into these acts of cyberterrorism.

  • Bobby’s Gambit

    Bobby’s Gambit

    Bobby Nasution is cozying up to a number of political parties in order to be nominated as a mayoral candidate for Medan. He is believed to have a good chance of winning the race.

  • Ma’ruf’s Daughter Joins the Race

    Ma’ruf’s Daughter Joins the Race

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo’s son and son-in-law are not the only family members of the country’s leaders interested in joining the race for regional heads.

  • Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy

    Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy

    Businesses are lobbying to push the government to put the so-called ‘new normal’ into effect amid the coronavirus pandemic. Unarmed with clear indicators, the government has instructed dozens of regions, some of which are still in the red zone, to return to quasi-normalcy. With still very few specimens tested, various experts are predicting a second-wave outbreak.

  • Duel at Tower Seven

    Duel at Tower Seven

    After over 50 days operating as an emergency hospital for Covid-19 patients, the Athlete’s Dormitory have treated nearly 2,000 people. Some lied to the doctors.

  • The Sewing Crew

    The Sewing Crew

    Several groups take the initiative to fashion protective gear for health workers. Their products are being distributed for free to hundreds of medical facilities.

  • Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    The government prepares a scenario to ease off large-scale social restrictions, claiming that coronavirus transmission trend is flattening. Meanwhile, the number of tests is still not ideal.

  • Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Some special staff members of President Joko Widodo drew attention over possible conflict of interests in some government projects.

  • Drug-Sharing To Save Lives

    Drug-Sharing To Save Lives

    The supply of HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals has continued to dwindle since the beginning of the year. Those with HIV/AIDS are vulnerable to other diseases as they have been forced to take substitute drugs.

  • Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    There were some contentions over authorizing the Jakarta government to put social movement restrictions in place. The measure ran into some administrative issues.

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