• Five Case Termination Letters

    Five Case Termination Letters

    General Andika Perkasa orders his subordinates to look into a suspected corruption case involving the purchase of AW101 helicopters. The KPK is having trouble going forward with this case.

  • Pandemic Relief Corruption

    Pandemic Relief Corruption

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating an alleged bribery in the regional PEN funds. The case involves an official from the home affairs ministry, whose name also popped up in the special allocation fund bribery.

  • Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual violence on campus, in pondok pesantren (Islamic boarding school) and corruption prevention in educational institutions.



  • Commission to Protect Corruptors

    Commission to Protect Corruptors

    The Covid-19 social assistance corruption case allegedly involving PDI-P politicians, Herman Hery and Ihsan Yunus, has stalled. They are under the protection of high-ranking officers in the Corruption Eradication Commission.

  • Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Herman Hery and Ihsan Yunus, two PDI-P politicians, have long been mentioned in connection with the Covid-19 social aid corruption case. There is proof that he was at a Kelapa Gading warehouse.

  • Corruption and the Youth Pledge
  • The Bucket Should Stop with Jokowi

    The Bucket Should Stop with Jokowi

    The President must not continue to avoid doing anything. He should abide by the recommendation from the Ombudsman and restore the jobs of the KPK employees.

  • The Winding Path to the Police HQ

    The Winding Path to the Police HQ

    National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo plans to recruit anti-corruption fighters who failed their controversial civic knowledge test, but many regulations stand in the way.

  • Letters from Readers

    Letters from Readers

    Letters on the land for Keureuto reservoir, civic knowledge test for KPK employees, and carbon tax.


  • Rice Assistance Shenanigans

    Rice Assistance Shenanigans

    The KPK is looking into violations in the distribution of rice assistance at the ministry of social affairs. Some government officials purportedly interfered with the project.

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