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Edition 04 February 2019


  • Vote of No Confidence

    Vote of No Confidence

    When the two presidential candidate camps hastily try to anticipate the number of people who plan to abstain in the 2019 elections, a group known by the Indonesian acronym golput, they are actually battling themselves.

  • Saving Dhani’s Tantrum

    Saving Dhani’s Tantrum

    The Law on Information and Electronic Transactions has once again claimed a victim. It needs to be revised to safeguard freedom of expression.

  • A Dangerous Idea

    A Dangerous Idea

    The Indonesian National Army wishes to place active officers in civilian positions. A refutation of military reform.

  • One Person, Two Jobs

    One Person, Two Jobs

    The combining of two leadership positions in Batam will not solve the problem. It has the potential to foster conflicts of interest.

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