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Edition 26 March 2019


  • The State Should Not Bear Losses

    The State Should Not Bear Losses

    Dwi Soetjipto, Chairman of the Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Special Task Force

  • Yamdena Island’s Prima Donna

    Yamdena Island’s Prima Donna

    Since the gas development scheme was changed from sea to land, many investors are looking for lands to purchase at Tanimbar Islands; from family-run companies to plantation investors.

  • Expert-Hunting in Houston

    Expert-Hunting in Houston

    The SKK Migas sought external help to examine Masela’s development costs. Internal auditor questioned their capacity.

  • Limbo at the ‘Immortal’ Field

    Limbo at the ‘Immortal’ Field

    Three years had passed after the Masela Block’s LNG development plan was changed from offshore to onshore, but the government has yet agreed to the revision. Deputy Energy Minister Arcandra Tahar asked contractors to lower cost estimates, but the SKK Migas recently raised the figures.

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