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Edition 15 April 2019


  • The Candidate’s Whisperer

    The Candidate’s Whisperer

    Now that the ideas and track records of the candidates are on the record, what else can we learn about the prospective presidents and vice presidents? After seven months of campaigning, there is little left to discover.

  • Getting Rid of Money Politics

    Getting Rid of Money Politics

    Many politicians are still handing out money in the run-up to polling day. This damages democracy and fosters corruption.

  • Worrying Signs from Pontianak

    Worrying Signs from Pontianak

    A junior high school student was assaulted by Senior High School students in Pontianak. The law must take its course without delay.

  • Downgraded Park

    Downgraded Park

    The status of the Bogor Botanical Garden has been downgraded to a division. Its function as an off-site conservation area is under threat.

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