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Edition 05 March 2019


  • Political Line of the Nine Stars

    Political Line of the Nine Stars

    Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) is a grouping fiercely being fought over.

  • Mishandling Election Crime

    Mishandling Election Crime

    When investigating election crime, the police should not allow themselves to become a political tool. Partial law enforcement could trigger conflict.

  • Tanah Datar Tragedy

    Tanah Datar Tragedy

    A student of an Islamic boarding school was tortured to death by his schoolmates. Due application of the law is urgent in the interests of upholding education.

  • The High Cost of Logistics

    The High Cost of Logistics

    Infrastructure’s development has not succeeded in increasing the competitiveness of local products. Other innovations are necessary to suppress the high cost of logistics.

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