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Edition 18 March 2019


  • Recurring Political Corruption

    Recurring Political Corruption

    The detention of United Development Party (PPP) General Chairman Muhammad Romahurmuziy by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) last Friday was a surprise to no one.

  • Debunking Disinformation

    Debunking Disinformation

    More and more hoax and disinformation is being spread as election day nears. Politics justifies all means.

  • Orangutan Under Threat at Batang Toru

    Orangutan Under Threat at Batang Toru

    Orangutan are under threat due to a hydro power plant project at Batang Toru. The environmental impact analysis needs to be revised.

  • New Airports Lack Verve

    New Airports Lack Verve

    Several of the new airports are finding it difficult to entice customers. The supporting infrastructure needs to be improved.

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