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Edition 06 May 2019


  • Garuda’s Dubious Report

    Garuda’s Dubious Report

    The polemic over Garuda Indonesia’s financial report would not need to go on so long if the airline provided a straightforward explanation about its income and the cooperative contract it obtained in 2018.

  • Pricey Road to Senayan

    Pricey Road to Senayan

    Money politics is still widespread in legislative elections. Improvements are needed to the recruitment of candidates and to campaign tactics.

  • No More Dispute, Please

    No More Dispute, Please

    The poor performance of the Law Enforcement Division has triggered internal conflict within the KPK. The corruption eradication agenda could be under threat.

  • The Capital Project

    The Capital Project

    President Jokowi needs to consider his plan to relocate the capital. History shows that many nations have failed with similar projects.

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