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Edition 11 June 2019

Cover Story

  • A Whiff of Ros es in Thamrin

    A Whiff of Ros es in Thamrin

    Prabowo’s former subordinate, Fauka Noor Farid, is suspected of masterminding the protest that turned into rioting on May 21-22. Fauka allegedly instructed his men to mobilize the mobs. We investigated the alleged involvement of the former Special Forces member.

  • The Rose Team is Always Being Connected to Riots
  • Actors and Their Stage

    Actors and Their Stage

    THE government detected that the protests against the presidential election’s outcome on May 21-22 had been planned to end in riots. To anticipate the worst scenario, the police apprehended a number of individuals with more arrested after the riots. Still more were caught on the government’s radar but have not been investigated.

  • An Old Rifle and Its Targets

    An Old Rifle and Its Targets

    The police have named Kivlan Zen and several other people suspects in the planned assassination of four officials in the Jokowi administration. The appointed assassin’s testimony to us, as follows.

  • Bullets in the Dark

    Bullets in the Dark

    Four out of the eight casualties of the May 22 riots are believed to have been shot. Their families are asking for police transparency.

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