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Edition 25 June 2019

  • Intelligence Chief and “212” Reconciliation
    Cover Story

    Intelligence Chief and “212” Reconciliation

    Joko Widodo has assigned several people to invite Prabowo Subianto to join his administration. The Gerindra general chairman softened his stance and is now negotiating cabinet seats and parliament leadership.

  • Shaky Evidence
    Cover Story

    Shaky Evidence

    Prabowo-Sandi’s team had scant evidence on inaccurate ballot count. Witness testimonies felt inconsistent.

  • A Tussle of Witnesses and Evidence
    Cover Story

    A Tussle of Witnesses and Evidence

    Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s legal team dispatched a pile of evidence and over a dozen witnesses to the Constitutional Court hearings on the presidential election dispute. The legal team also claimed Prabowo and Sandi’s vote count should have mmade them win.

  • Brahmastra at the Constitutional Court
    Cover Story

    Brahmastra at the Constitutional Court

    The Prabowo-Sandiaga team forwarded objection to Ma’ruf Amin’s status as chair of the sharia supervisory board in two banks. The team has no strong evidence of structured, systematic, and massive fraud.

  • Our Witnesses Can Prove Fraud
  • Abadi Project’s Key Momentum

    Abadi Project’s Key Momentum

    The government aims to sign the PoD during the G20 meeting in Japan. Inpex proposed an extension for Masela Block’s production sharing contract until 2055.

  • Under Environmental Pressure

    Under Environmental Pressure

    Over a thousand entrepreneurs gathered in The Hague, The Netherlands, to offer business opportunities to shape the future. Many of them are concerned about environmentally friendliness.

  • Cutting Corporate Tax
  • Clean Water Project Audits for Sale

    Clean Water Project Audits for Sale

    The anti-graft commission suspects the involvement of Rizal Djalil, member of the Audit Board, in a corruption case related to clean water projects. They suspect he demanded a piece of the project and commissions for fiddling with audit results.

  • Corruption in Chorus at Pattimura 20

    Corruption in Chorus at Pattimura 20

    Scores of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing officials are suspected of accepting bribes for projects related to clean water supply systems. In chorus they submitted their bribe money back to the anti-graft commission.

  • Arts


    Emil’s Unusual Mosques

    The design of the 99 Kubah Asmaul Husna mosque in Makassar is unlike any other mosque in Indonesia. The mosque, designed by Ridwan Kamil, also draws criticism for its non-environmentalfriendly features.


  • Outreach

    The Growing Enthusiasm for Minang Horse Racing

    The Growing Enthusiasm for Minang Horse Racing

    THE tradition of horse racing in the Minang area (West Sumatra) has lasted for centuries. Apart from being a custom, horse racing in West Sumatra has now become an annual agenda of the Indonesian Equestrian and Horse Racing Association, as an event organized in Payakumbuh. Minangkabau horse racing also has multi-effects, ranging from developing people’s horse breeding, providing a living for horse handlers and jockeys, to boosting regional tourism.

  • Interview

    General Andika Perkasa, the Indonesian Army Chief of Staff: I Have No Reason to Distrust Polri

    General Andika Perkasa, the Indonesian Army Chief of Staff: I Have No Reason to Distrust Polri

    THE Indonesian armed forces, particularly the army, found itself caught in a crossfire between supporters of Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto who are bitterly polarized in the recent presidential election.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Big Bash For The Big Durian

    Unlike last year when it seemed the governor forgot to do it, Jakarta celebrated its 492nd anniversary with a big bash Saturday night, June 22.  Centered at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout smack in the heart of the city , Jakarta made up for last year’s miss with a huge street party themed “The New Face of Jakarta”, with multi-stages offering music and entertainment all night long, with not a single car, bus, nor motorbike in sight to spoil the revelries. TEMPO/Subekti


  • *There, look. a lizard is having leasure break. ** Where?
  • The Price for Reconciliation

    The Price for Reconciliation

    This week, the Constitutional Court will rule on the disputed general election and bring to a close the saga of the presidential election that has run for almost a year.

  • Dirty Audits

    Dirty Audits

    BPK officials are alleged to have colluded in in a water supply project. The state auditor institution is losing even more credibility.

  • Anies’ Reclamation Trouble

    Anies’ Reclamation Trouble

    Governor Anies Baswedan has been tripped up by his own criticism of the Jakarta Bay reclamation. He seems to lack a smart exit strategy from the troubled project.

  • Opening Up the Sky

    Opening Up the Sky

    The government needs to improve the structure of the country’s airline industry. The entry of foreign airlines is needed to bring about healthy competition.

  • Sidelines

    Where does politics end? In a house and garden in Turkey. At the end of Voltaire’s story, Candide, when the comic novel’s protagonist meets an old man who is living peacefully on a peaceful plot of land.

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