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Edition 02 September 2019


  • A Fair Deal with Papua

    A Fair Deal with Papua

    IF the government had been quicker to take the right steps to calm the situation, the disturbances in Papua would not have spread. But exactly the opposite happened: protests spread giving the impression they could not be stopped.

  • Ending the Commission

    Ending the Commission

    A number of problematic candidates have passed the selection process for the leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission. This is a failure of the selection committee.

  • Inhumane Punishment

    Inhumane Punishment

    Chemical castration as a punishment violates human rights. The government and the parliament needs to end it.

  • Capital Blunder

    Capital Blunder

    The government’s hasty plan to move the nation’s capital to East Kalimantan is not solving anything.

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