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Edition 10 September 2019


  • Rescuing the Anti-Corruption Commission

    Rescuing the Anti-Corruption Commission

    The House of Representatives (DPR) has just approved a proposed revision of Law No. 30/2002 on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). This revision breaks one of the important foundation stones of the battle against corruption by the anti-graft commission.

  • The Sugar Acrobatics

    The Sugar Acrobatics

    In pursuit of the target of self-sufficiency in sugar by 2024, the agriculture ministry allowed sugar came to be planted in the wrong place.

  • Don’t Apologize, Abdul

    Don’t Apologize, Abdul

    The author of a controversial dissertation from the Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University deserves appreciation. There is no need for the Indonesian Ulema Council to label him misguided.

  • Minister Rini’s Poor Management

    Minister Rini’s Poor Management

    Minister Rini Soemarno failed to implement good governance in the replacement of the board of directors of state-owned banks. This could lead to the public losing out.

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