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  • Exercising During the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Exercising During the Pandemic

    Restriction of activities in public places due to the Covid-19 pandemic has not prevented fitness enthusiasts from training. Fitness centers that were shut down during the pandemic are ready to operate.

  • Worship Without Touching
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    Worship Without Touching

    Some religious leaders are preparing worship protocol. The number of congregants will be limited.

  • Shielded Gaze upon Teachers
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    Shielded Gaze upon Teachers

    Schools will reopened under a mixed learning system. There are fears of new clusters of Covid-19 outbreaks.

  • New Protocols for Tourism
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    New Protocols for Tourism

    From preparing health protocols to formulating new business models, the hotel and transportation sectors are arming themselves for the ‘new normal era’. If no new Covid-19 cases emerge, Bali’s tourism will be ready to reopen.

  • The Digital Lure at Shopping Centers
    Cover Story

    The Digital Lure at Shopping Centers

    Several shopping centers are ready to operate in the so-called ‘new normal’ era. Some retailers switched to online platforms, while others are preparing digital strategies.

  • The Digital Sector’s Triumph
    Cover Story

    The Digital Sector’s Triumph

    The digital approach is believed to be the key to doing business in the ‘new normal’ era. The banking sector may be most prepared.

  • Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy
    Cover Story

    Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy

    Businesses are lobbying to push the government to put the so-called ‘new normal’ into effect amid the coronavirus pandemic. Unarmed with clear indicators, the government has instructed dozens of regions, some of which are still in the red zone, to return to quasi-normalcy. With still very few specimens tested, various experts are predicting a second-wave outbreak.

  • The Seafaring Warriors

    The Seafaring Warriors

    THE fate of Indonesian crewmen aboard a Chinese fishing vessel in May that went viral in South Korea has been a hot topic in the country.

  • Falak’s  Tracks
    Cover Story

    Falak’s Tracks

    Muhammad Falak bin Abbas was instructor to many important Muslim people of stature in this country. He took part in the Dutch resistance, and was prominent in politics.

  • The First Prayer Hall in Ulakan
    Cover Story

    The First Prayer Hall in Ulakan

    Sheikh Burhanuddin Ulakan spread Islam by establishing a surau. The first instance of a pesantren education methodology.

  • A Healer in the Red District
    Cover Story

    A Healer in the Red District

    Abd al-Rauf al-Sinkili frequently put an end to feuds between Muslims in Aceh. He developed the Syattariyah school of thought in the archipelago.

  • The Peaceful Path of Old Preachers
    Cover Story

    The Peaceful Path of Old Preachers

    EIGHT ulemas from various parts of the archipelago spread Islam to different corners of what is today known as Indonesia. Faced with many challenges, such as stormy seas and isolation in their new homes, they worked to preach the religion, embracing communities that did not share their faith with their knowledge and wisdom. Like the wali (saints) before them, these ulemas promoted a peaceful and compassionate Islam.

  • Religious Outreach to Africa
    Cover Story

    Religious Outreach to Africa

    Having travelled to the Middle East for more than 20 years, Sheikh Yusuf spread the message of Islam in Banten and other countries. The location of his tomb is still subject to debate.

  • A Woman Wali
    Cover Story

    A Woman Wali

    A waliyah (a female wali or early preacher of Islam in Indonesia) can be found in the history of the spread of Islam on the Island of Bawean. Zainab, as was her name, continued the religious propagation duties of her husband, who had died while sailing from Java.

  • A ‘Pope’ from Giri
    Cover Story

    A ‘Pope’ from Giri

    Before becoming king, Sunan Prapen propagated the Islamic faith to Lombok. He used shadow puppet plays to convey Islamic teachings.

  • The Rebel from Pamijahan
    Cover Story

    The Rebel from Pamijahan

    Sheikh Abdul Muhyi used the Wali Sanga’s approach in spreading Islam in West Java. He managed to evade the Dutch.

  • Kimia Farma’s Right to Respond

    Kimia Farma’s Right to Respond

    With reference to the May 12-18, 2020 edition of the Tempo magazine’s cover story titled The Biozek Controversy, which was published on May 12, 2020.

  • Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers
    Cover Story

    Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers

    The eviction of some health workers has led some boarding house owners to offer them rooms free of charge. Medical personnel are helping one another.

  • The Sewing Crew
    Cover Story

    The Sewing Crew

    Several groups take the initiative to fashion protective gear for health workers. Their products are being distributed for free to hundreds of medical facilities.

  • Keeping the Nation Alive
    Cover Story

    Keeping the Nation Alive

    Plummeting demand and restricted access to distribution amid the Covid-19 pandemic have caused foodstuff prices to drop. Solidarity movements have come to the aid of farmers in Indonesia’s rural areas.

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