• Prospect of Peace in Papua

    Prospect of Peace in Papua

    The plan by the TNI commander to resolve the conflict in Papua peacefully should go beyond words. It could begin with a ceasefire.

  • Soldiers' Softer Approach

    Soldiers' Softer Approach

    General Andika Perkasa is calling for a non-military approach to resolve conflicts in Papua. It is considered not effective unless troops are withdrawn.

  • Unnecessary Fear of Separatism

    Unnecessary Fear of Separatism

    There has been a string of violent incidents in Kiwirok district, Papua. Talk of people determining their own future should not always be seen as opening the door to Papuan independence.

  • Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    It takes courage to expose what really happened in 1965, including about Gerwani and its leader Umi Sardjono. To this day, people still hate each other based on a concocted history.

  • The Competition for TNI Commander
    Cover Story

    The Competition for TNI Commander

    Close to the appointment of a new TNI commander, two strong candidates for Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto’s successor are attacked by various unpleasant rumors. Gen. Andika Perkasa and Marshal Yudo Margono are reportedly maneuvering for support.

  • Back Roads for the Commander

    Back Roads for the Commander

    As Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto nears retirement age, President Joko Widodo has yet to put forward the name of his replacement to the DPR. There have been political maneuvers by high rank officers in with a chance of the job.

  • Senayan’s Favored Candidate
    Cover Story

    Senayan’s Favored Candidate

    DPR’s discussion on the candidates for TNI commander intensifies. The 2024 general elections becomes one of the deciding factors.

  • The Generals’ Wealth
    Cover Story

    The Generals’ Wealth

    TNI commander candidates, Andika Perkasa and Yudo Margono, have a lustrous career. Both also have massive wealth.

  • In-laws Lobbying for TNI Commander

    In-laws Lobbying for TNI Commander

    Two military chiefs of staff are maneuvering in their quest to succeed Air Chief Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto. Andika Perkasa’s prospect is affected by his age of retirement, only a year away. Yudo Margono is hampered by the tragedy of Nanggala-402.

  • Disastrous Army Business

    Disastrous Army Business

    In Pasuruan, East Java, a combat engineer battalion is in dispute with its business partner over the management of a gas station. It is time military businesses were put in order.

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