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Edition 09 October 2018

  • Lobbying Agenda in Nusa Dua
    Cover Story

    Lobbying Agenda in Nusa Dua

    Financing disaster mitigation and the digital economy is Indonesia’s main agenda at the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group Annual Meetings in Bali. Indonesia is still waiting for the Human Capital Index to be released.

  • Souvenirs from the Island of the Gods
    Cover Story

    Souvenirs from the Island of the Gods

    The IMF and World Bank have formulated 12 principles to regulate the financial technology sector. Indonesia wishes to serve as more than a mere market for the digital economy.

  • Charity Funds on the International Stage
    Cover Story

    Charity Funds on the International Stage

    The government is pursuing assistance from donors. Local and global conglomerates have been approached.

  • Working Until  the Last Second
    Cover Story

    Working Until the Last Second

    The national committee repeatedly gave the IMF-WBG Team Secretariat assurances of safety during the event. The central secretariat sent an independent survey team to review the structure of buildings where the meetings are held.

  • A Vicious Cycle in Brewing

    A Vicious Cycle in Brewing

    There was an unexpected acceleration on the rupiah’s slump last week.

  • Bulldozed by Printed Batik
    Special Report

    Bulldozed by Printed Batik

    For decades, traditional batik had been bulldozed by printed batik. It made a comeback after obtaining recognition from the UNESCO.

  • The Revival of Traditional Textiles
    Special Report

    The Revival of Traditional Textiles

    The arrival of batik cetak (printed batik) was a disaster for Indonesia’s batik tulis (hand-drawn batik) industry. Batik tulis producers try to survive in this market. They try to be innovative, from developing a tourism batik village to modifying their batik’s style and colors.

  • The Maestros’ Legendary Heritage
    Special Report

    The Maestros’ Legendary Heritage

    Solo is the birth place of batik tiga negeri and batik Indonesia. They are the legendary heritage of Chinese Indonesian maestros.

  • Sukarno’s Favorite Master
    Special Report

    Sukarno’s Favorite Master

    Solo is the birthplace of Go Tik Swan, the Chinese batik maestro who was bestowed the royal title of Panembahan Hardjonagoro from the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta. Go was President Sukarno’s favourite batik master. Indonesia’s first president asked him to create batik Indonesia, with some designs still in existence now.

  • Gems from Java
    Special Report

    Gems from Java

    Batik was popular in the Netherlands in the mid 19th century. It gave birth to the classical Haarlem and Vlisco batik.

  • Special Report

    Special Report

    Facing the Onslaught of Printed Batik

    Since it obtained recognition from the UNESCO as a non-tangible cultural heritage on October 2, 2009, batik has achieved prima donna status. Batik has become the requisite attire worn by all manner of society for all sorts of occasions. The batik market, too, continues to thrive.


  • National

    A Stuttering Emergency Response

    A Stuttering Emergency Response

    Disaster relief efforts are facing numerous problems in Central Sulawesi, from poor inter-agency coordination to looting. The regional government is only able to carry out sporadic efforts.

  • National

    Palu Disaster Hitting Jakarta

    Palu Disaster Hitting Jakarta

    The government is troubled by hoax and disinformation circulating during the emergency response period.

  • National

    The Fault is to Blame

    The Fault is to Blame

    An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 which occurred on Friday two weeks ago has brought massive devastation to the west coast of Central Sulawesi. The tsunami which followed in its wake swept across Donggala and Palu Bay. The quake caused soil liquefaction, resulting in six villages in the City of Palu and the Sigi Regency being subjected to a flow of liquefied earth.

  • A Complaint about the DBS Credit Card

    A Complaint about the DBS Credit Card

    A Complaint about the DBS Credit Card

  • She’s a Modern Day Kartini!

    She’s a Modern Day Kartini!

    She’s a Modern Day Kartini!

  • Benefits from  the Costly Event

    Benefits from the Costly Event

    IMF-World Bank annual meeting is kicking off in this week in Bali on October 8 to 14.

  • Clearing Up Hoax

    Clearing Up Hoax

    Ratna Sarumpaet’s lie reeks of political and electoral motives. The police must deal with case fairly and squarely.

  • Don’t Stop at Lucas

    Don’t Stop at Lucas

    Lucas’ detention could very well be the opening needed to unentangle all the things obstructing the effort to combat corruption. It’s time for some cleaning up.

  • Restoring Palu

    Restoring Palu

    We have not fully learned the lesson from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Aceh 14 years ago. On September 27, Palu, Donggala and Sigi in Central Sulawesi were wrecked by the same disasters claiming more than 1,700 lives.

  • Lucas’ Track at Terminal 2E

    Lucas’ Track at Terminal 2E

    The KPK named lawyer Lucas a suspect for hampering the investigation into a bribery case implicating Lippo Group boss Eddy Sindoro. He is suspected of being complicit since the handling of the case in the Supreme Court.

  • Ratna’s Assault Drama

    Ratna’s Assault Drama

    The police arrested activist Ratna Sarumpaet in connection with the hoax of her being physically abused. Those who spread this hoax are to be questioned.

  • Crowd Fundings for Electricity

    Crowd Fundings for Electricity

    The Pelita Khatulistiwa movement opted for crowdfunding to supply a community health center in Lindu, Central Sulawesi, with solar-powered electricity. The movement has spread its wings to another region.

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