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Edition 19 February 2019


  • Hazardous Waste in Military Grounds

    Hazardous Waste in Military Grounds

    It is inappropriate that the Indonesian Military (TNI) is allowing their headquarters to become a dumping place for hazardous and toxic wastes.

  • Stopping Arson Terror

    Stopping Arson Terror

    Acts of terror setting vehicles aflame in Central Java is disrupting the public’s sense of safety. It is imperative these acts be halted before polling day.

  • New Era for Water Management

    New Era for Water Management

    The Jakarta government is determined to end management of clean water by private operators. There is a need to reorganize PAM Jaya.

  • Reckless Raid

    Reckless Raid

    The police have nabbed Vanessa Angel with the Law on Electronic Information and Transactions. The use of this law should be stopped.

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