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Edition 21 May 2019


  • A Knight Or A Demagogue

    A Knight Or A Demagogue

    For Prabowo Subianto, the presidential election this time may well be the last opportunity for his bid for presidency.

  • Mismanaging Garlic

    Mismanaging Garlic

    The cabinet’s mismanagement has sent the garlic price to go through the roof. The inter-ministerial coordination and the market mechanism need to be fixed.

  • Inspirational Minds

    Inspirational Minds

    Amid the country’s less than robust research activities, several female researchers have made their marks with breakthrough achievements. The sector deserves a budget hike.

  • Entangled Airfares

    Entangled Airfares

    The government’s decision to lower the ceiling tariff for airline fares will not be effective in controlling prices. The key is in the ministerial level coordination.

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