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Edition 11 November 2019

Cover Story

  • E-Budgeting Blues

    E-Budgeting Blues

    Jakarta’s draft budget contains numerous irregularities. Tempo’s investigation shows that the regional government’s monitoring has been weak in various stages of the budgeting process. Governor Anies Baswedan blames the system he inherited from Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

  • Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget

    Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget

    DINO Patti Djalal immediately contacted Jakarta Governor Anies Rasyid Baswedan as soon as he learned that Formula E was looking for a host for the electric car race in June. The former foreign affairs deputy minister recommended Anies to propose Jakarta as a host city. “This is a car race of the future as (the cars) use electric power,” said Dino when Tempo contacted him on Friday, November 8.

  • One System, Different Results

    One System, Different Results

    Anies Baswedan sees Jakarta’s e-budgeting system as flawed. The DPRD launched a battle against former governor Basuki over the system.

  • Voting Grants

    Voting Grants

    Grants from the Jakarta administration to mass organizations continued to burgeon. Anies Baswedan’s supporters allegedly received special treatment.

  • Odd Early-Stage Allocations

    Odd Early-Stage Allocations

    The 2020 Jakarta draft budget priorities and ceiling (KUA-PPAS)—the early stage in the capital city’s budget plan—is full of irregularities. Suspicious budget allocation items are dispersed throughout spending components for consulting services, procurement, and assistance funds. Text: Hussein Abri Dongoran, Gangsar Parikesit Sources: 2016-2019 Jakarta budget, 2020 RKUA-PPAS as processed by the PSI

  • Many Get Furious When I Talk About System

    Many Get Furious When I Talk About System

    Anies Baswedan, Jakarta Governor:

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