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Nur Alfiyah is Majalah Tempo’s Lifestyle and Interviews editor. The Jenderal Soedirman University graduate is also an astute graduate of the 2018 Health and Nutrition Academy and has won the 2019 Health Ministry journalistic competition. She joined tempo in 2011. 

  • The Arduous Road Toward Ending Sexual Violence
    Special Report

    The Arduous Road Toward Ending Sexual Violence

    THE Sexual Violence Eradication Bill returned to the national legislation limelight on 23 March. This is the fruit of the labor of women’s rights activists who have been tireless in realizing legislation to protect women from sexual violence. But the struggle is far from over. Since it was first proposed by the National Commission on Violence against Women in 2012, the draft regulation has been in limbo. After entering the national legislation program in 2016, the bill remained unpassed. Women’s rights activists have gone through a winding road to convince the House of Representatives and the government so that the draft regulation can be immediately discussed and passed.

  • Julia and Feminism

    Julia and Feminism

    Julia Suryakusuma received an award from the Kingdom of Belgium for her struggle to voice human rights through writing. She is uncomfortable with being called a feminist.

  • Reconnecting with the Earth

    Reconnecting with the Earth

    Sumarni Laman is motivating Dayak youths to return to their tradition of preserving the forest. She made it to the list of 16 Women Restoring the Earth by the Global Landscapes Forum.

  • The Three-Style Teacher

    The Three-Style Teacher

    Alvian Wardhana founded Literasi Anak Banua to teach thousands of children in villages in South Kalimantan using methods that enable them to understand lessons better and no longer performing poorly in school.

  • The Mathematics Expert Who Changed a Village

    The Mathematics Expert Who Changed a Village

    Munaldus Nerang grew up in an ultra-poor community. He established a village credit cooperative to improve his neighborhood.

  • Cultural Path in Developing Papua

    Cultural Path in Developing Papua

    Mathius Awoitauw changes the governance system by involving customary community structure. Development engages the local people.

  • The Bright Dian

    The Bright Dian

    Dian Andyasuri has become one of the few women to reach the top of a multinational company in Indonesia. At her position, she makes sure her employees are well taken care of.

  • Malaysian Advocate of Indonesian Migrants

    Malaysian Advocate of Indonesian Migrants

    Alex Ong has supported migrant workers in Malaysia for 20 years. He sold his company in order to focus on helping workers from Indonesia. 


  • Astari, Sofia, and the Art of Diplomacy

    Astari, Sofia, and the Art of Diplomacy

    Sri Astari Rasjid wrote her four years of experience as ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania, and Macedonia. She chose culture as a means to foster close relationship between Indonesia and the three countries, uplifting the value of trade along the way.

  • Not Enough Contact Tracing
    Cover Story

    Not Enough Contact Tracing

    The whereabouts of thousands of Covid-19-positive patients are unknown. Contract tracing and isolation ratio is still low.

  • A New Hope From Stem Cells

    A New Hope From Stem Cells

    Stem cells are proven to help Covid-19 patients recover more quickly. Research in Indonesia is ongoing.

  • Transgender Discourse in the Village

    Transgender Discourse in the Village

    For years Hendrika Mayora went against her inner instinct to act out her feminine side. She is the first trans woman to sit in public office.

  • Precious Personal Experience

    Precious Personal Experience

    Susanti is a member of the Indonesian diaspora involved in the Covid-19 Research and Innovation Consortium. She is also a researcher on colorectal cancer of which she herself was once a patient.

  • The Hunt for a Remedy
    Cover Story

    The Hunt for a Remedy

    The government will test the efficacy of Avigan for Indonesians. Some referral hospitals are having difficulty obtaining drugs.

  • Those Who Risk Their Lives
    Cover Story

    Those Who Risk Their Lives

    All healthcare providers and staff in health facilities are vulnerable to contagion of Covid-19. Not only do they provide care, they also listen to the worries of the patients.

  • Fears Amid Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Fears Amid Pandemic

    A number of regions in Indonesia are poorly prepared for the corona outbreak. They are still waiting for the health ministry to send necessary equipment.

  • On the Radar:  Covid-19
    Cover Story

    On the Radar: Covid-19

    Health officials are monitoring travelers arriving from the countries where Covid-19 is prevalent. Tests are not aimed at treating patients.

  • The Hunt for a Remedy

    The Hunt for a Remedy

    Doctors are testing various drugs to treat patients infected with the Covid-19 virus. Eijkman and Bio Farma are exploring vaccine development.

  • Making Profit from Piety
    Cover Story

    Making Profit from Piety

    The return-to-Islam phenomenon has created business opportunities. These businesses need more Muslims to be involved.

  • Breaking the Measles and Rubella Chain
    Cover Story

    Breaking the Measles and Rubella Chain

    Measles and rubella often come with complications. Both can be prevented through vaccination.

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