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Edition 23 May 2019

  • A New Path for the Famous
    Cover Story

    A New Path for the Famous

    Some celebrities are truly embracing their Muslim faith. Although a few have completely left the entertainment industry, more than a handful instead gained fame with their new “pious” look. Social media platforms add fuel to the phenomenon.

  • The Musician’s Silent Mission
    Cover Story

    The Musician’s Silent Mission

    Yuki Martawidjaya’s hair appeared slick under his peci (fez-like cap). No one has seen his old signature long hair in a while.

  • Making Profit from Piety
    Cover Story

    Making Profit from Piety

    The return-to-Islam phenomenon has created business opportunities. These businesses need more Muslims to be involved.

  • Pioneers of Repentant
    Cover Story

    Pioneers of Repentant

    Celebrities “returning” to Islam is not a new phenomenon. The first wave of repentant celebrities were eyed with suspicion by the government and associated with a banned group.

  • The Politics of Death

    The Politics of Death

    Supporters of Prabowo Subianto said the deaths of hundreds of polling organizers are connected to alleged foul play conducted by the other side. Families of the deceased refused the matter to be politicized.

  • The Tough Burden of Polling Officers

    The Tough Burden of Polling Officers

    THE heavy work load to be borne by polling organising committee (KPPS) officials was in fact already taken into account by the General Elections Commission (KPU).

  • Election Winners Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin

    Election Winners Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin

    THE General Elections Commission (KPU) had announced that running mates Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin have won the 2019 presidential election.

  • Dismissal of a Homosexual Police

    Dismissal of a Homosexual Police

    A police officer in Central Java was dismissed on evidence of being gay. The legal basis of the dismissal was weak.

  • Harleys Smuggled Over the Border

    Harleys Smuggled Over the Border

    Customs has exposed the smuggling of tens of Harley-Davidson motorcycles over the Indonesia-Timor Leste border. Investigators have only charged a truck driver. This reporting was done through cooperation between Tempo, the Tempo Institute, and Free Press Unlimited.

  • Additional Services for Muslim Tourists

    Additional Services for Muslim Tourists

    The government tagged halal tourism as part of the national tourism industry. This, however, does not change the concept into Sharia tourism.

  • Economy


    Loyalty to the Universal

    The provincial governments of East Nusa Tenggara and Bali refused to adopt halal tourism. They wish to maintain the local tradition and culture, as well as multicultural tourism services.


  • Economy

    Taking Notes from North Lombok

    Taking Notes from North Lombok

    Regions are sprucing up; aiming to become halal tourism destinations that cater to travelers from Malaysia and Middle Eastern nations.

  • Investigation

    Fish Waste Polluting Lake Toba

    Fish Waste Polluting Lake Toba

    Lake Toba is being polluted by organic pollutants mixed with feed pellets used in floating fish net cages. A large company which has been operating for two decades is being implicated.

  • Investigation

    Tell Us If We Are Not Doing Good

    Tell Us If We Are Not Doing Good

    Sammy Hamzah, President Commissioner of Aquafarm Nusantara:

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Picture Window

    1. Protest rally in front of the Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Building, Jakarta, May 21. The protesters refuse the vote recapitulation by the General Elections Commission which put Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin as the winner of the 2019 presidential election. 2. Demonstration at the Bawaslu Building, Jakarta, May 22. The mobs then moved to the State Palace to demand investigation on the suspected election violations. 3. Demonstrators throwing rocks at the police in Jalan KS Tubun, Jakarta, May 22. 4. Protesters clash with the police in Jakarta, early May 22. 5. Demonstrators clash with the police in front of the Bawaslu Building in Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta, May 21. 6. The aftermath of riot in front of the National Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) dormitories in Petamburan, Jakarta, May 22.


  • New Capital

    New Capital

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo plans to relocate the administrative capital to a city outside Jakarta. A good idea, albeit a late one. Jakarta is already too crowded. We need a new, fresh city with a vast area to develop.

  • *It’s a celebration of democracy, let’s be happy...!
  • Artists and Instant Piety

    Artists and Instant Piety

    What can be said about the current phenomenon of artists embarking on the religion wagon or hijrah: is it a religious awakening in the entertainment world, or merely using religion as a marketing tool? Changing religion from something spiritual to a tempting commodity?

  • A Tale of Election Deaths

    A Tale of Election Deaths

    Disinformation surrounding the deaths of election workers could have been prevented with greater institutional transparency. Recruiting system has to be improved.

  • Protecting Gay Police

    Protecting Gay Police

    A policeman got fired because of his sexual orientation. We need to enforce anti-discrimination principals in all work place.

  • Questioning Halal

    Questioning Halal

    The “halal tourism” program could spark some controversy. It needs to be evaluated to optimize its potential to attract Muslim tourists worldwide.

  • Sidelines

    SHOES were all the talk. This was Jakarta in the early 20th century. To be precise: shoes were the talk, European schools, Dutch students, non-Dutch students, and behind it all, colonialism.

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