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Edition 23 May 2019


  • Artists and Instant Piety

    Artists and Instant Piety

    What can be said about the current phenomenon of artists embarking on the religion wagon or hijrah: is it a religious awakening in the entertainment world, or merely using religion as a marketing tool? Changing religion from something spiritual to a tempting commodity?

  • A Tale of Election Deaths

    A Tale of Election Deaths

    Disinformation surrounding the deaths of election workers could have been prevented with greater institutional transparency. Recruiting system has to be improved.

  • Protecting Gay Police

    Protecting Gay Police

    A policeman got fired because of his sexual orientation. We need to enforce anti-discrimination principals in all work place.

  • Questioning Halal

    Questioning Halal

    The “halal tourism” program could spark some controversy. It needs to be evaluated to optimize its potential to attract Muslim tourists worldwide.

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